Fallon & McKinley recently defended a client in a multi-week jury trial at the Maleng Regional Justice Center located in Kent, Washington. The case arose from a multi-vehicle accident that occurred on I-5 during heavy traffic conditions. Our 18 year old client rear ended a vehicle in which the plaintiff was riding. As a result of the rear end accident plaintiff underwent surgery to alleviate symptoms allegedly consistent with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS). Her treating vascular surgeon testified that she needed to undergo a second procedure to alleviate the TOS symptoms because the first procedure failed. To compound matters plaintiff’s treating physiatrist and neurosurgeon testified that her treatment to date, plus future treatment consisting of laminectomies at three levels of her lumbar spine to alleviate ongoing back pain and symptoms was reasonable, necessary, and related to the accident. Armed with this testimony plaintiff claimed nearly $190,000 in medical specials plus general damages that totaled just over $2 million.

To refute plaintiff’s claims Fallon & McKinley retained an outstanding group of experts, including a neurosurgeon, neurologist, and a radiologist. These experts testified that the plaintiff’s conditions were due to degenerative disc disease unrelated to the subject matter accident. The jury clearly agreed when it awarded the plaintiff $33,000 in total damages. The award was further reduced by the jury’s finding that the driver of the vehicle in which plaintiff was riding at the time of the accident was 40% at fault. In the end, the judgment against our client totaled $20,100. The result confirmed that King County jurors are reasonable and view cases based on the facts and not emotions.


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